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How to Attract Guys and Girls

"Who Else Wants to Discover the Powerful,


 Modelador de desnudos  al estilo "playboy" revela  los secretos de su vida sexual de los ultimos treinta  abriles solamente para hombres


Usted tambien puede aprender como seducir y complacer a cualquier mujer! cada dia puede  llenarse de mujeres como estas ... 



Un mensage del creador  , T.J. Givens...

Querido Amigo,



 Despues de 30 abriles de silencio he decidido  compartir este conocimiento para que usted tenga el mejor sexo posible .


These are secrets I learned from many years of working closely and intimately with women. I am a talker…. I talk, ask questions, and people open up to me and tell me everything…. especially women.


I can ask a girl her favorite sexual position and most importantly, why. And they will tell me in as much detail as I ask.




Let me tell you a little about myself.... I am a 52 year old photographer with a beer belly and I have been with, well let's just say, "More than my fair share of women". And, not just any woman... but, attractive, young, vibrant, and highly sexual models who "share everything". (I have even included a few pictures for your reference-- just in case you don't believe me.)



I have learned (through my research A.K.A. "talking"-- and through my very own sexual adventures) and I will reveal to you......


  • The one "trigger point" every woman has-- but most men have no clue of it's existence-- that is an instant "aphrodisiac in your hands". (And no, this is not the "G-spot"-- Instead, this is something much, much better and easier to find!)

  • What a woman’s favorite thing about sex is.... it is NOT what you think!

  • The importance of the "cerebellum" and blood flow during sex. This will revolutionize the way you approach sex and all sexual positions! And, will leave her wondering the source behind your "magical abilities".

  • Why touch can make or break her attraction towards you-- and the way to touch her in all of the "right areas" like no other man has ever done for her!

  • How to give her orgasms she didn’t think she was capable of. Get your woman to say..... “WOW!"

After you meet that "special woman" how can you keep her and please her.... over and over again without any fall-out in the sexual desire or attraction?

I've included that too.....


You will not just be a master of "sexual fulfillment" when you finish... but you will actually master "continuous sexual fulfillment" and will have women coming back for more, time and time again!



These secrets have never been published. These secrets I have never seen spoken about in public, they are not in print anywhere else, and they will only be presented right here for a limited time. So listen closely and follow along, we have A LOT to cover...



Let me start by asking you a question....


Do you wish you could be so good in bed that women actually go out and brag about you to their friends???



Personally I never use to think that was possible... until it happened to me.... Several years back I was dating a young model (she was 24 at the time). We had been sexual for about 5 times when she told me that she never knew sex could feel so good. One night we went out on a date, called it an early evening and went back to my house. We stayed up all night... she couldn't get enough! That morning she left my house (with a huge smile on her face). Later that day there was a knock on my door... from a young, sexy woman who I had never seen before in my life! She said that she was my girlfriends roommate and that she wanted to experience what her friend kept bragging to her about!


What I am about to tell you is so amazing that no man who uses this will ever doubt his sexual abilities, will have women (and their friends) begging for more, and will have a lifetime full of unmatchable sexual adventures that will leave their friend envious of them!


First lets put an end to a myth which has haunted men for generations, only causing them to lose focus on the true important factors of sex....


This is the most critical misunderstanding men have, all the while ignoring the true, easy, simple solution that is right in front of their face.... 


Most men think "size" has something to do with sexual performance. Well let me set you straight!!! 


You think taking enlargement pills will help? NO! 


Pumps or stretching devices will work?? NO! 


You're just asking for problems with some of those devices and miscellaneous pills with ingredients you can't pronounce, much less spell! 


Here is the answer...


One exercise, five minutes a day, will heighten your sex to levels you have only dreamed about. It is safe, and very very effective.  


But, before I can let you in on that secret, you must understand and fully comprehend the following...


Most women have no idea what they really want from sex!


That's right. Most women (9 out of 10, from what I've found) will say that "doggie style" is their favorite position. And, men count that among their "favorites" as well. But, once you add a little "tweak" to this "all time favorite" she will no longer say that the old, standard doggie style is her favorite! 


The reason behind this phenomenon is something that I have studied for several years and it will revolutionize the way you view and approach sex... it will even increase your skill, just knowing these simple but highly effective secrets!


Just think... what if you knew more about how to truly fulfill her... more than she even knows about herself???


You would have an advantage above all other men and she will be begging for more!


What I enjoy hearing the most from women is simply, "How did you do that?" 


Because when I hear that, I know they have just experienced something they have never felt... and they want more of

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