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Business Opportunities

Own Your Own Business

***SPECIAL PROMOTION*** Get $5,000 - $100,000 in 4-6 Weeks with Your Own Corporation


Here’s the ultimate plan for raising big money FAST.  Even if you have bad credit or no credit you can use these methods to start a new “financial life.”  These street-wise strategies have never been discussed in any publication, but they can quickly bring you personal wealth and success.  The secret is using your own corporation to raise money.


Raising money through your own corporation is both legal and fast.  In only 4-6 weeks you can have a credit-worthy company with a multi-million dollar financial statement.  You can easily use A-1 corporate credit to acquire credit cards with $30-$50K credit lines.  You can add millions in legal assets to your corporate balance sheet for pennies on the dollar.  You can even gain control of established businesses by leveraging their own assets—with no cash needed.


Get $5,000 to $100,000 in 4-6 Weeks with Your Own Corporation is a treasure chest of insider information. This complete plan has everything you need to know:

         Obtain corporate credit despite less-than-perfect personal credit.

         Keep business credit off your personal credit reports.

         Borrow money for your business worry-free.

         Use Dun and Bradstreet’s reporting service to make you rich.

         Acquire real estate, commercial credit, as well as leases for autos and equipment.

         Enjoy all these benefits without a personal guarantee or personal credit report.


Get $5,000 to $100,000 in 4-6 Weeks with Your Own Corporation is the logical step for separating your personal credit from your business credit.  Instead of the normal 3-4 years for building business credit, however, you can take advantage of this newly developed process in only 4-6 weeks!   You will learn the banking booby-traps used for tripping up loan applicants, as well as the often-overlooked details needed to head off likely questions.  Imagine using these new methods to do all the following:

         Shelter your home, auto, and savings from lawsuits and lawyers.

         Avoid bankruptcy but still keep all the wealth you’ve accumulated.

         Block the IRS from levying on your wages or seizing your property.

         Stop creditors from finding your assets.

         Make your business a creditor-proof fortress.

         Shield your wealth from catastrophic medical bills.

         Design an estate plan your creditors can’t touch.

         Negotiate pennies-on-the-dollar settlements, even if you’re rich.

         Protect yourself from business debts, taxes, and personal guarantees.

         Dispose of cash so it’s positively untraceable, yet immediately available.

         Divorce-proof your assets.

         Transfer your wealth to the safest places in the world.

         In all, you will be able to take advantage of more than 180 secrets guaranteed to give you lifelong financial security.


The first step to building your business credit is to follow the steps necessary to separate your personal credit from that of your business.  You start with a proven program that will establish a clear and creditworthy business credit score.  Your goal is a score of 75 or better.  (In comparison, a business score of 80 is like a personal score of 800—excellent)  A business credit score is built by having lines of credit, credit accounts, and trade references. 


Most businesses find it difficult to secure credit without personal guarantees or a previous credit history.  If you already have references, you will learn how to use them to improve your score.  If not, the Financial Clout Workbook walks you through the process of developing references that will grant you credit and then report it to the credit agencies.


The author has access to an impressive list of over 1,000 companies that will provide your business with credit.  Part of this program is providing contact information from this list (2-4 sources) that will grant credit based solely on your business credit information.  They will also report payment experience to the credit bureaus—all without personal guarantees or a personal credit check.


These companies are willing to issue the credit because their clients are not considered high credit risk.  The reason they are not considered high risk is simple.  They are motivated by the known desire to build business credit by following this exact program.  And here’s what you will receive in this very valuable program:


       The book, “Get $5,000 to $100,000 in 4-6 Weeks with Your Own Corporation.”  This is a fast-reading guide intended to accompany the Financial Clout Workbook.  You get a quick, easy-to-understand view of the “big picture.” 

       The book, “Banking Tactics.”  Here’s an insider’s collection of clever ways to charm banks into making business loans.  Learn how savvy business people can walk into a bank at 10AM and return at 3PM the same day to pick up $50,000 cash with little or no credit formality, loan committee stalling, or even collateral. 

       The “Financial Clout Workbook.”  This 268-page workbook leads you through all the steps for converting from personal credit into using new corporate credit.  Everything you need to know and use is included. 

       A do-it-yourself Dun and Bradstreet start-up packet.

       A domestic corporation-filing packet. 

       A do-it-yourself federal Employer I.D. Number packet.

       A professional Business Opportunity Bulletin.    


This entire SPECIAL COMBINATION OFFER can be yours for only $169.00!


***SPECIAL PROMOTION***  Get $5,000 - $100,000 in 4-6 Weeks with Your Own Corporation
320 pages. #257 $169.00

Own Your Own Business

Making BIG Money with Gift Letters

Here is a simple home business that involves mailing 100 or so sponsored letters each day to new home buyers. Make $5,000 a month working two hours a day. Let a high school girl do all the work after school. No capital needed. No office, payroll or advertising required. It's one of the simplest and most profitable businesses you can set up anywhere at least one hundred homes are sold per month.

Making BIG Money with Gift Letters

Credit, Debt & Bankruptcy


The Complete Credit Book

Whether you've never had credit, have ruined your good credit, been bankrupt, divorced, unemployed, unable to get loans and credit cards, bothered by bill collectors, laughed at by your banker, or worse--whatever your credit history, you CAN straighten out your credit problems virtually overnight! Here are all the credit secrets you need:

  • Bill paying tricks that will get you back on your feet financially.
  • A simple fail-safe plan to build up your credit no matter what shape it's in.
  • Little known tricks that will let you borrow to pay off your bills.
  • What special steps to take so that banks and credit card companies will be begging to give you credit.

    And much, much more. Over 50,000 words telling exactly what you need to beat and win the credit game.

  • The Complete Credit Book
    176 pages. #928 $20.00

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