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Designer Bags and Clothing - Authentic and AAA Replica!Nuestro  Trabajo

  !Usted venda


WHAT IS DROPSHIPPING? /Que es la entrega a terceros

sI  usted esta comenzando con el negocio al detalle o al mayoreo y no tiene  el  espacio ni el dinero para mantener  un unventario, usted pudiera estar interesado en dropshing. este metodo le permite comenzar  su negocio/If you are just beginning your own wholesale/retail business and don't have the money or the space to keep your own inventory, you may be interested in our "drop shipping" method. This sales method allows you to begin your own business
  • Without Using Any Of Your Own Cash
  • Without Keeping Any Product In Your Own Home
  • Without Any Risk
Here's a brief step by step tutorial of how our drop shipping services can help you earn a substantial income from the comfort of your own home!

    You post Our Products for sale using online auctions, your own E-Commerce web site, or whatever medium you feel will generate sales.

    Once you have made a sale, you simply collect your customers funds for the retail price of that sale, including the Shipping and Handling charges you add to their cost. You can accept personal checks, money orders, credit cards, PayPal, or any payment method you would like when collecting payments from your customers. It's entirely your business to run as you see fit!
    After you have taken the order, (and your customer's payment), you place an exact copy of the order at  mi tiendita and have us "drop ship" it to your Customer directly. To place the order, simply visit our web site and at checkout use your information for the billing address and your customer's information for the shipping address.
     mi tiendita will receive your dropship order, process it immediately and ship the order directly to your customer using "Customer Service Center" as the name on the return address on the label.
    The customer assumes the order came from your warehouse and is unaware of your product source. No one will know that  mi tiendita was ever involved in the transaction!

    Our entire inventory is available for you to use in whatever way you wish when selling our products. All pictures and/or descriptions may be copied directly from our web site as long as you use us as the supplier for that product once a sale is made. This makes online posting even easier!
We try in every way possible to keep a sufficient stock of our products, however there may be times when we run out of stock on a particular item. If this situation arises, we can usually have a shipment to us within a few days. You won't be waiting weeks or even months before you see a particular item return to stock. We don't carry an over abundance of merchandise simply to remain efficient and focused at what we do.

To sum things up, there are no hidden fees and our merchandise truly is priced for you to profit from. There are no extra fees for drop shipping and no memberships required for the service. Once your business is off and running, you can consider one of our Distributor Programs to further increase your profits at your sole discretion.

Drop Shipping Summary:
  • You sell the item at the price of your choice.
  • You sell the product to a customer.
  • You collect the payment from the customer.
  • You place the order at VistaWholesale.com
    using customer's shipping address
  • We ship the item directly to your customer.
  • You pocket the difference between your price and our price.

    It's That Simple!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q.) How do I know how much to charge my customer for shipping?

    A.) Our shopping cart is set up especially for customers and distributors who use us to drop ship. Simply   type the customer's zip code   where prompted. This will show a list of all shipping methods and the cost for each method. You may choose to charge an extra handling fee above this cost, but this is the cost our site would charge you to ship to a customer at that particular zip code.

    Q.) I would like to run an auction, but your inventory says you only have 25 left in stock. When will you get more?

    A.) Because of the large number of different products we carry, we limit our inventory on hand to approximately 2 weeks worth of average sales. In almost all cases, we can have more of the product on hand within 3-5 days should it be required. If you see inventory is low or that you are selling more than we show in stock, just send us an email and we will order more to meet your demands.

    Q.) Can I choose what color of an item is sent to my customer?

    A.) Unless the product specifically offers color selection in the form of a pull down menu, we do not guarantee color selection. We do however make every attempt to meet your color requests and ask that you select a minimum of TWO DIFFERENT color preferences to assist us in properly filling your order.

    Q.) What do I do if my customer needs to return an item?

    A.) In cases of an item return, please email us for an Return Authorization Number (RMA) number. This number will need to be obtained before returning any defective items. Your return will be handled promptly and professionally.

    Q.) Can I purchase 100 units of an item to get a quantity discount and have you drop ship them to 100 different people?

    A.) No. Prices reflected on the site are per order. In order to receive a quantity discount, that amount must be shipping to one location at the same time.

    We hope you will find this information useful in your business venture.
    As always, please email us if you have questions outside of the scope covered on the site.
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  • motcam security_camera

    Looks Completely REAL!

  • Why pay $250 for a real motion detector camera, when this fake one does the job! Simple to mount on any wall or ceiling. The camera comes equipped with a red LED light and a built in motion sensor. When someone walks past, the motion sensor trips and the red led blinks the camera sweeps back and forth in surveillance mode. Great for any business or for parents to keep younger and older children on their toes.
  • Looks Absolutely Real & You Can't Beat The Cost!
  • Sweeps Side To Side & Red LED Blinking Light!
  • Great For Any Small Business!
  • Great For Any Estate Or House!
  • Simple To Use And Easy To Mount!
  • Screws Included For Mounting
  • Makes A Great Inexpensive Present!
  • Keeps The Children On Their Toes
  • Buy More Than One For Additional Rooms!
  • Just A Great & Inexpensive Deterrent!
  • Each One Is Factory Sealed In A New Box!
  • Battery Operated - Takes AA Batteries - Last Around 6 Months!

  • Retails at: $19.95 pay only 6 dolllars  10 minimum
    Unit Weight: 8 oz

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    þ          ¡Incluso llevar su ropa a la tintorería!


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